Registration Information

Registration for Waterloo programs start in May. Registration for Toronto starts in April.

In preparation for the fall term, we would ask that you begin by registering for Fall courses using your WLU account on Loris. Attached is how to register using this system in step by step instructions.

Click here for more detailed information on registration.


Full-time and Co-op Students:

You will register for the Fall  term only  in the following courses:   BU601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, 607, and 609 & all Section P.

Part-time students  will register for all three terms in the following courses (unless other conditions apply):


BU604   Section A   & Organizational Behaviour

BU607   Section A   & Accounting


BU603 & Section A & Financial Management

BU609 & Section A & Modelling Business Decisions


BU602 & Section A –   Marketing

BU605 & Section A & Operational Management

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to contact Taylor Marks at if you have any issues or concerns about the registration process.

Thanks again.