Not-for-Profit Practicum


All of our Laurier MBA students will participate in the Not-for-Profit Practicum. Unique to our MBA program, it is designed so that each student will experience the management issues within the voluntary sector of the economy while providing field-based community service. This component of our Laurier MBA program will offer a value-added learning experience for each student. Even candidates with significant previous not-for-profit experience will benefit through the exploration of different types of organizations and activities in our communities.

You can choose to do a 40-hour practicum with a local organization or an extended international project.

“The Laurier MBA equipped me to live my values to the fullest extent possible. For the past 15 years I’ve assisted companies all over the world with sustainability reporting and assurance, ultimately helping them improve upon the social and environmental impacts of their operations. The success of my business,the most proficient assurance provider in Africa,allows me to contribute a significant proportion of my time and revenue to the Soweto Marimba Youth League Trust, a youth development charity that employs music as a mechanism to keep at-risk children in school. I’ve always wanted to make a difference. The Laurier MBA made that a reality.”
MICHAEL REA, BSc, BA, MBA, Managing Partner, Integrated Reporting & Assurance Services, Johannesburg, South Africa
“It was an easy decision to apply to Laurier given its commitment to entrepreneurship. The school’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, faculty support, and business plan competitions collectively ensured that my dream became a reality. While doing my MBA I co-launched my own company, Tickettrunk Inc., with another MBA candidate. Not only did I become my own boss, I learned how to be a community leader. During the summer I worked in Tanzania with Operation Tech Start, a new NGO bringing information technology to the rural areas of Tanzania to improve the lives of farmers and their children. I developed micro-finance models for future applications that will bring benefits to all parties, particularly the 40 percent of Tanzanians who live on less than $2 a day.”
ADIL DHALLA, Hons.BA, MBA, Founder, My City Lives, Toronto
“The Laurier MBA was recommended to me by my company which currently employs several senior managers who are all Laurier MBA graduates. I had been out of school for a while, and I have a science background, so the ‘case based learning’ philosophy at Laurier fit perfectly with my style. For my Not-for-Profit Practicum I attended a local fundraiser for the Friends of the Orphans & Canada. The goal was to raise donations to take to the Dominican Republic and work on building an orphanage. After speaking with some volunteers, I found out there was room available on their next trip to the DR. I volunteered right then and there. Little did I know that this fundraiser and my MBA were going to offer me a life-changing experience!”
JENNIFER JACKSON, BScPT, MBA, Physiotherapy Professional Practice Leader, St. Joseph’s Health Care, London