New Student Information


Congratulations on your acceptance to Laurier’s MBA program! This program will change your life and open your eyes to a new perspective on business. You will be among some of the brightest minds in business, and your MBA will open endless doors of opportunity for your future.

Here is some information that will help you get started with the program:

  1. Where do I register for courses, view transcripts, and access my account?
    This can be done through the Laurier Online Registration Information System (LORIS). See below for more registration details.
  1. How do I pay for my tuition?
    Students will receive an email through their myLaurier email address in early August to advise them that the fall-term invoices are available to view and/or print from LORIS. They will be available on LORIS in early August. See here for more details.
  1. How do I view the course content for the courses I’m registered in?
    Students can view their course content by logging in to “My Learning Space”.

    Note: Some professors may not use “My Learning Space” and will instead have their own platform to display their course information. They will notify you of this ahead of time.

    Your username is the first four letters of your last name followed the last four digits of your Laurier student number. If your last name is only three characters long, use an “x” as the fourth character. An “x” is also used in place of any punctuation such as a hyphen or apostrophe. Your password is your month, day, and year that you were born typed numerically.

    For example, for John Doe who was born on Nov 24 1983, his username will be doex1983 and his password will be 11241983.

  1. How do I access my Laurier E-mail?
    Your Laurier E-mail can be accessed here. Click the “myLaurier Student Webmail” link on the left sidebar. Your login and password will be the same as the one you use to login to “My Learning Space” (see above for clarification).
  1. What is the WLU One card and where do I get it?

    For Waterloo Students:

    Laurier’s OneCard is a photo identification card to be used at both the Main Campus and Brantford Campus. It is also the access card to the newly renovated Athletic Complex and a Meal Plan card and serves as a bus pass during the school year. Students also can add money to their Convenience Account, which allows them to use the card at various restaurants and copy centres around campus.

    To obtain the OneCard, or to replace a lost or stolen card, visit the OneCard Office located in the Concourse (near Starbucks). Your first OneCard is free of charge, and replacement cards cost $20.  Please visit here for more information.

    New students must provide the following to obtain their OneCard:

    1. Government-issued photo identification
    2. Detailed Student Schedule print-out available on your LORIS account

    Note: Students must be registered in at least one class in order to get their OneCard.

    For Toronto Students:

    For our Toronto students, your Laurier OneCard will be provided to you after orientation, so you will not have to get it yourself.

  1. Where is the OSAP/Registrar’s office?
    The Student Awards Office is located at 202 Regina Street on the second floor. Office hours are from 9:00 am to 4:30pm. See here for more information about OSAP.
  1. I paid my tuition. Is there anything I can opt out from?

    For Waterloo Students:

    Click here for a detailed list of eligible opt out fees. Please take note of the opt-out deadline dates.

    For Toronto Students:

    Toronto students are not charged additional fees, and thus do not have fees to opt out from.

  1. What goes on during orientation? Is it mandatory?
    Orientation begins in mid-August for both Co-op and Full-time students. You will meet classmates and faculty and have the opportunity to ask recent graduates any questions that you may have regarding the program. There are also several sessions that review concepts about academic writing, presentation skills, and working in groups. Finally, you will meet your assigned core team members, consisting of about five or six students from different academic backgrounds who will be your team for approximately five projects throughout the fall semester. Attendance during orientation is mandatory.
  1. Does Laurier offer any refresher workshops before programs start?
    Yes, Laurier offers free workshops in math and Microsoft Excel that many of our previous incoming students have found extremely beneficial. We highly recommend these workshops for new students to prepare them for the necessary math and Excel skills in the integrated core.

Additional Information for Living in the KW Area

  • Housing
    Looking to rent? Laurier has partnered with Places4Students – an off-Campus housing website that specializes in providing students with high quality rental property options. Consult the Places4Students website more information about renting opportunities.
    Renting in Waterloo Region can cost $400-$650/month for a single room depending on location and amenities.
  • Public Transit
    Your tuition includes bus pass through Grand River Transit (GRT). The GRT provides reliable bus service across the region. Consult the GRT website. for more information about the GRT, including bus routes.
    For information about out-of-town bus services see: GO, Coach Canada and Greyhound
  • Parking
    Parking at Laurier requires a student permit. The application for the 2016-2017 non-residence parking permit is available here.
  • Child Care
    For graduate students with young children, applying to regulated center-based childcare options is an easy process with OneList Waterloo Region. With OneList you are able to submit one application to apply to multiple daycare options.
    Laurier is partnered with Emmanuel at Brighton Child Care Centre. As part of the partnership, Emmanuel provides priority access for full-time and part-time Laurier employees and full-time students to a number of day care spaces each year.