MBA Student Association

Making the most of MBA networking.

The Laurier MBA Student Association (MBASA) facilitates networking opportunities among all students in the Toronto and Waterloo programs.

The MBASA enhances the education experience of its members by increasing interaction among classmates, campuses and the business community. The primary goal of the MBASA is to present a unified voice to the MBA administration by providing a forum for students to express their opinions, build consensus, and take action to improve the MBA experience at Laurier.


Meet Your MBASA 2014-2015 Executive Team!

President: Suzanne Fountain
Executive Vice President: Mathangi Mayakrishnan
Vice President – Student Development: Thomas Briginshaw
Vice President – Student Affairs: Luciano Gismondi
Vice President – Communications: Gowrishankar Shastry
Executive Vice President Part Time – Waterloo: Shwetha Subramanya
Social Coordinator: Christian Lenz
Athletics Coordinator: Scott Henry
MBA Games Coordinator: Michelle Wilfong
Academic Coordinator: Kent Bowra
Community Service Coordinator: Lauren Pires
Marketing Coordinator: Kate Applin
Networking & Professional Development Co-Coordinator: Rebekah Borody
Networking & Professional Development Co-Coordinator: Quan Liu

News from your MBASA

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Laurier’s MBA students share the highlights of their weekend at the 2015 MBA Games.

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