International Immersion

The global economy is undergoing a complete reorganization. Are you prepared for the opportunities? Will you be among those individuals who have the education, experience, and ability to fulfill the roles of leadership?

The MBA program at Laurier offers several ways to gain international experience. You may choose to immerse yourself in a different culture by participating in one of our International Study option courses that will allow you to gain valuable experience that employers often look for.

You may choose to complement your general MBA with international experience by participating in either the International Business study trip elective or attending an MBA summer school of your choosing. Both options will offer you course credit towards your MBA degree. This opportunity is open to all of our MBA candidates.

International Business Study Trip Elective

A two-week excursion that allows our students to learn how business operates in a foreign country. Students will participate in business meetings and company tours in the host country, as well as gain valuable insight into the differences in culture and the way in which these differences affect business operations in that country.


“The adventure was an amazing experience. We were able to have an insider’s view of problems faced by different companies and their solutions in action. The knowledge gained about businesses and culture was unlike any academic class because you saw the whole story, unedited. The trip added value that cannot be taught in the classroom.”


International Summer School

In this option, students have the opportunity to attend summer school in a foreign country. This is a great way for students to network with MBA students from all over the world. You may consider attending school at Essam in Denmark, Euromed in France, or you are welcome to choose a summer school option of your own.