How to Apply

To create an account and fill out our online application: Register Here

To access your in-progress online application visit Laurier’s Online Viewing system.

Once you have submitted your online application with your application fee, and Laurier has received notification of your application, you will receive an e-mail from advising you to upload the additional required documentation to Laurier’s Online Viewing System.

NOTE: All supplementary documents, including transcripts and test scores, must be in .PDF format.

To complete the Laurier MBA admissions process you must provide the following information:

  1. Submissions Summary
    This is the printed pdf Submissions Summary available from your online application.
  1. Personal Information/Statement of Intent Form
    A completed Personal Information/Statement of Intent Form.
  1. Resume of your Academic and Work Experience
    Your resumé should account for all periods of time. Indicate if employment is full or part-time, or if it was a co-op work term completed within your undergraduate degree, and whether it is managerial.
  1. Official Transcripts and Degree Certificates
    Transcripts for all college, undergraduate and graduate programs completed (more information on transcripts). Applicants may apply with unofficial or official transcripts, yet will be asked to present official transcripts upon receipt of an offer of admission. Applicants presenting international credentials must provide literal translations and may be asked to submit an official credential assessment.
  1. Completed Reference Forms
    Three references are required. Applicants will need to provide the contact information of each referee within their online application. The three referees will receive instructions on submitting the specific reference forms electronically after your application has been submitted and fees have been processed. Reminder notifications are sent to the applicant not the referee (more information on Reference Letters).
  2. Reference Type and Quantity:

    • Co-op applicants are required to submit three academic references, OR two academic and one professional reference.

    • Applicants with two years of full-time work experience are required to submit three professional references, or if any education has been completed within the last three years two professional references and one academic reference are required.

  1. Evidence of Quantitative Skills
    Normally this is demonstrated by a minimum score of 550 on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).The GMAT requirement may be waived with evidence of quantitative skills normally shown by successful completion of a current (within the last five years) university-level course in calculus or statistics with a grade of B+ (77%) or better (only considered if all other admission requirements are met or exceeded, including a GPA of at least 73% in the 10 most recent half credit courses). GMAT is recommended to strengthen an application. GMAT is mandatory for all applicants who have completed their previous degrees outside of Canada. A GMAT score of 600 or better is mandatory for all applicants to the MBA co-op option. Also a GMAT score of 620 is mandatory for the MBA with Master of Finance.
  1. Video Interview
    By random selection, you may be requested to complete a video interview to complement your application. If you are selected to complete a video interview the MBA Program Office will contact you directly.

Additional requirements for International Applicants:

  1. English-Language Test Results
    English Language Proficiency in written and spoken English is essential to graduate studies at Laurier. Applicants whose language of instruction during their previous post-secondary education was NOT in English must submit evidence of proficiency in English. Visit our International Applicants page for English-proficiency requirements and acceptable tests.

    If applicable, test results must be uploaded to the Laurier’s Online Viewing System.
  1. Permanent Resident
    Evidence of your status in Canada is required. You must provide a photocopy of your signed Record of Landing or photocopies of both sides of your Permanent Resident card.
  1. Video Interview
    By random selection, you may be requested to complete a video interview to complement your application. If you are selected to complete a video interview, the MBA Program Office will contact you directly.

For additional application assistance, feel free to review the Graduate Admissions Toolkit page as well.

Upon receipt of an offer of admission, applicants are required to submit the Confirmation Deposit Form: Click Here.

If you have any questions about your eligibility, or the application process, please contact the MBA program office.