Applied Research Consulting Project


Hands-on experience tackling real business issues

The applied research consulting project provides a unique experience for our MBA students. This gives students the opportunity to directly apply what they have learned in the classroom to a business situation by providing consulting services to a real-life business as a team in the field of their choice. This project gives students a chance to provide real value to a client. There are consulting opportunities to suit every student’s interests and goals.

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Research Project Brochure »

“My team worked on an emerging market export strategy for Bluewater Wood Alliance. This gave me the real opportunity to deal with issues and challenges we had discussed in several of our MBA classes. This project was an outstanding learning experience that allowed me to establish excellent, enduring business relationships.”
WARD BLACK, BA, MBA, President & CEO, Castleview Equine Transport Inc.
“My applied business research project allowed me to apply the various concepts and skills I have learned throughout the MBA program to an actual real-life business situation that was occurring at Edward Jones. This project strengthened my belief in the necessity of having an MBA in today’s business world.”
ERIC BOUTIN, BBA, CMA, MBA, Director, Parts & Services Business Development Group After Sales, Volkswagen Group Canada Inc.
“The real benefit of my project was that it provided me with an excellent opportunity to apply all of the MBA core knowledge I had learned, especially business strategy, to a real-life entrepreneurial opportunity that I am passionate about. Now I’ve started my own company, Spirchi, a career path that my applied business research independent study allowed me to find.”
LEAH YOUNG, BA, MBA, Founder and Managing Director, Spirichi